Saturday, March 13, 2010


Okay so I'm sorry but i have to rant, here goes . . .
So I went to the outlets to look for some new kicks, and I witnessed first hand these men who came into the store, picked up at least 15 boxes of random shoes (without even looking to see what was inside the box)and set them aside so no one else could buy them, then went to search the store for more shoes.
Well, I was shocked and immediately flashed to the Tom's shoes commercial. People all over the world are walking around barefoot in need of shoes. But I'm sorry, hold on forget the world . . . think about when you were a kid with little money. What if a kid who saved all his money that same day came into the store looking to buy a pair of shoes, only to find out that they had been carelessly bought by these men to resell to on the black market. I just don't think it's right. I was like completely in shock. Now mind you this was just my first experience witnessing it, I'm sure this happens everyday in many cities all over the world. But I just wish those men would think about someone else besides dollar signs.
I know the economy is bad right now and any money making opportunity should be jumped upon, but seeing this from a young person's perspective who not too long ago was the little girl who saved up all her money just for a nice pair of shoes. These outlet stores are here to serve the middle class society that are unable to buy designer goods at designer prices. And I just think these men were taking advantage of the whole situation!

Okay I'm done :)

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