Monday, January 18, 2010

Art and Design for Social Justice Symposium

We are all constantly striving for the "ah-ha art moment"! The moment where the creative juices are flowing and all of our ideas just click! The process of creating art becomes the beauty of self expression. I may be a quite person but through art I am able to speak volumes. Art becomes this outlet of letting the world see who I really am. So with that being said, can you still be private person while letting your art express the real you?
I recently attended the Art and Design for Social Justice Symposium, where this exact question was asked. As artists we put our hearts and soul into our work. We express ourselves openly and freely which can make us vulnerable to mixed opinions. So is there a way to fully express yourself creatively without criticism?

"The most beautiful thing to do is tell the truth, and truth is the most beautiful thing."

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